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Word from the Clans: Community Hobby!

As we rumble towards release, our Torch & Shield community has been building up on Discord, with plenty of our members already hobbying away on various Dwarven Hold builds of their own, either inspired by our own tutorial, following along with any number of others or working off their own Dwarven ingenuity! Let's check in with the Discord #Hobby thread and see how everyone is doing! If you're curious to see the latest updates from our mad hobbyists, jump over to the Torch & Shield Discord yourself! We'll start tonight with bmseifer giving their printer a workout with these dungeon tiles from Dragon's Rest! Very nice and that glowing tile is so cool! They're going to look incredible when they're all painted, so we'll keep tabs on this one!


Dropship Thunder was early out of the gate with the scratch build Hold, following along with our tutorial to make their own tiles. They've used a nice combination of colours to add flair to their design and make different corridors stand out. Lovely work!


Byron has gone down a slightly fancier path, using a combination of fridge magnet sheet and XPS foam to build up their tiles, then scoring them to carve in glyphs!


... as has Jirka! Nothing screams Dwarven architecture like giant faces with beards. So good.


Natsugawa didn't give many secrets away as to how they made these but they look like they've been done by scoring by hand, which is an impressive feat given the weathering involved.


And last for this blast of hobby but absolutely not least, we have Grizzlyface and their absolutely epic build. They were happy to share heaps of photos as they progressed through, starting with MDF measured and cut to size...

.... then chopping up and weathering an absolute stack of XPS blocks (the secret is a box of rocks)...

...before finally glueing them down in place with some handy weights.... make a truly epic dungeon layout!

Amazingly, Grizzlyface isn't done yet. They've been casting up a bunch of skulls from somewhere (ahem) intending to decorate the tiles even further before they get their eventual painting. What an incredible build!

Thanks for stopping by! We will be back another time with more updates from the Torch & Shield hobby community!

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20 ott 2023

this dropship thunder guy sounds very attractive

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