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Torch & Shield 

In the ruins of the Dwarven underworld, gold and glory awaits those brave enough to risk it all! In Torch & Shield Miniatures Skirmish Game, you command a crew of fearless Dwarf warriors or daring treasure hunters, searching the darkness for treasure. Your clansmen must face wicked monsters, and other delving crews in brutal tactical combat.

Using our beautifully detailed Dwarf miniatures, or minis from your own collection, Torch & Shield creates exciting underground battles between rival crews. from a single skirmish over a treasure chest, to a large campaign where crews ultimately seek to recapture the lost hold.

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"Lost to time, the hold harboured secrets as ancient as the mountain. As we descended, foreboding darkness clung to every shadowy corner, whispering tales of forgotten horrors. The torchlight flickered, and with every step taken, the darkness grew deeper, more consuming. The hold became a labyrinth of uncertainty, its corridors twisting and turning like a sinister riddle with no discernible answer. At its deepest, in the heart of that tomb where our torches spluttered and died, it was then we knew we were not alone."

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Battles Underground

In Torch & Shield your battles take place in the long ruined Dwarf empire. You can use any set of gridded dungeon tiles from any game you already have to play, or you can 3D print some of our amazing terrain from our downloadable STL line.

Players that want to get started fast can grab some of our dungeon tile PDF's, and get their clansmen on the table.

The keen hobbyist can also design their own grand dungeon custom built areas in which to play the game, and the rules have room to accommodate your wild imaginations.

A Torch & Shield table is more than just dusty underground halls. Traps, hazards and deadly falls into lava abound! 



The Ironthane Clan has dedicated ages to perfecting their combat techniques. Ironthanes are all warriors. Even if a clansman may spend the day making weapons or ale, all Ironthanes must report for war training at muster. Black powder weapons are not used by Ironthanes; instead, they choose hefty arbalests and crossbows for ranged warfare. They often carry an axe, or a short spear for close-quarters combat.

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Quick and Easy to Get Playing

The Torch & Shield Core Rules include everything you need to begin delving the Dwarf underworld, as long as you have some Dwarf miniatures, a deck of playing cards and a handful of six sided dice, you can be ready to go in no time. Simply select one of the exciting Quick Scenarios and a couple of premade crews, position your warriors in the area of play as instructed, and make your opening move.


Seamless and tactical, Torch & Shield puts you in the middle of deadly subterranean struggles. Using the cards in you hand to determine initiative, allocate them to your warriors, with different suits providing different special actions. Invoke your Dwarven fury as your warrior charges into combat, or advance slowly, setting your warriors on overwatch as the enemy crew approaches. Then at the right moment opening fire with firelock and crossbow. Use your heroes to challenge your foes to a duel, and let the two warriors fight it out unhindered. Whatever your strategy, keep your head and don't forget your objectives during the intense combat




To win the fight you need to bring the right equipment to bear at the right time. Troops in your way? Use bludgeon weapons or a shield barge to clear a path. Heavily armoured enemies can be tough to take down, but with piercing weapons you'll have an easier time, and when a large beast starts rampaging through the underworld it's time to bring your brutal axes to bear. 

Choose Your Crew and Arm Your Delvers

How you face the dark is up to you, but you'll have a range of options before you even light your torches. Will you recruit young Shortbeards, or will you trust in experienced Dwarf Clansman? Consider which of your clan's heroes will lead your force, a Thane or a formidable Greyshield. 


Equip your delving crew using Torch & Shield’s advanced rules to master the underworld. Select your favourite equipment from the armoury pages, containing over 27 different weapons and 7 armour options, plus a load of additional equipment and upgrades. Before the game begins, you’ll have a set amount of Gold Crowns to spend, which you may use to customize your delving crew, but save a few coins for a pint of Kunnock Best! 


You'll need to carefully manage how many ranged attack weapons you take and how much light you bring into the underworld. Carefully balance the risks and ensure your crew can face foes in close combat, while still being prepared to face the dark and its perils.


Endless Customisation

Take your tactics to the next level in Torch & Shield. If you print our line of STL's on your 3D printer, you can try endless combinations of weapons and equipment with our magnetisable files. Try out a crew focused on long range fighting, or maybe experiment with a heavy shield-wall. With our special files designed for magnets you are never stuck with how you glued your models together.


Torch & Shield immerses players in the violent darkness of the ruined Dwarf underground, with its dynamic rules system, exquisitely crafted miniatures, and variety of gameplay possibilities. Download the Quick Start Rules below to try it out!


Unlimited Adventure!

Torch & Shield can be played in a variety of ways. Select one of the tense scenarios in the rulebook for a narrative game, or a grudge match with your opponent until only one crew remains. You can also play Solo or Cooperative scenarios, taking on the game alone or with a friend, and if you are up for a real challenge you might try your luck against the hold's foul overlord. No matter how you play Torch & Shield, games in the endless dark beneath the mountains will always be a challenge.


Furthermore, no scenario will ever play the same way twice, thanks to the pressure building event system , that can completely change the course of the game in a moment. Deadly traps will be sprung, terrifying monsters will rise and the very foundations of the hold may come down around your brave clansmen. Your torches and lanterns will eventually run out of fuel as the game progresses, and the number of the dark creatures will grow. Wander in the dark for too long and your Dwarves will disappear, lost or taken.


The game mechanics add further variation still. Damage to your warriors, for example, is determined through the cards, and should a Joker card be flipped your warrior will be instantly killed!  Other wounds may weaken your warriors, making them vulnerable and less capable - but your Dwarves will fight on!



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