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Updated: Apr 18

So while we are endlessly busy managing the fulfilment of Torch & Shield (plus working on other Torch & Shield content...) we have also had the chance to not work around the clock for the first time in two years!

As part of this, I sat down to play the hit new game Helldivers 2 by Arrowhead with my son. I was taken by the game's simple premise, and my love for Starship Troopers sealed the deal.

I immediately saw people converting their miniatures to match the game and knew I would do my own set. But I don't paint minis to put them on a shelf, they need to see the tabletop. Being the game designer I am, I launched into making a set of rules where I could simulate dropping in on Klendathu or any other bug world of my choosing - get them here.

The ruleset is the pinnacle of beer and pretzels.

Simply get up to four players, or five if you want someone to play the Bugs. (You can play solo.)

Choose your loadout, then choose your support options.

Select a mission.

Drop in!

There aren't any stats or points to worry about, and the only prep required is getting your miniatures and terrain sorted. Everything else is handled at the table.

Because I was aiming to execute the feeling of a frantic videogame shooter, the in game rules are equally simple.

For example: Say you have equipped your Doomdiver with this Liberty Assault Rifle.

To shoot, you just roll the dice next to its FIRE value. In this case 2D6. Then you allocate that many wounds to Bugs within the 16 inch range. So if you roll 7, distribute 7 wounds how you see fit.

You can allocate wounds beyond the 16" range, but shots are half as effective, so you would need to allocate 2 wounds to inflict 1. Simple.

Some Bugs are Heavy armoured, and need Heavy wounds to take down. Light Wounds will only harm Heavy Bugs on an additional roll of a 6. So you will need heavier ordinance to take them out. Luckily you have options.

There are 16 different support options to choose from in this early version of the rules. As each player gets to choose four, you will be able to bring down the necessary firepower, but pick your timing well.

I won't do a full breakdown but the rest of the rules are equally easy to pick up.

We have already had some great games with some hilarious moments.

Calling in airstrikes on your mates is always a laugh. Daring runs to complete the objective in the face of certain death are equally dramatic. Random events keep things interesting as you never know what will happen next.

This ruleset was made to work for any droptrooper you can think of, with different armour options available, right up to power armour. There are also some power armour weapons to pick which I may expand on later. Rest assured, if you and your friends want to drop deep into hell, armed and armoured to the teeth, you can do it.


There are loads of miniatures in STL form getting released every day that will make excellent droptroopers, but standard regimental troopers are pretty easy to find. Bug miniatures are equally easy to track down and many will have ample collections of both. In playtests, people were quick to select Catachan or Kreiger from their collections to be their Doomdiver.

I used what I had. For my Doomdivers I printed some different STL files from Red Pilgrim and Red Makers, and kitbashed a little.

I painted them up a simple scheme and decided to go for a synthwave base to make them pop. The model scheme was inspired by

Here's what I came up with:

I forgot to paint the base rims :(

For the Bugs I used the nids from a Leviathan box that had been waiting for a reason to be used.

I went full synthwave again for these, here's a few:

I am not even going to try to explain my chaotic painting process, but if you want to see a great tutorial I followed go check out:

A spectacular painter that deserves a follow and you can find tutorials in his posts.

Some pics from a recent game:

They're coming, start shooting!

The brain bug appears...

Oh dear, call another Doomdiver

So that is it for now.

If you want to give the game a run, you can do so by heading over to our Patreon and grabbing the Free Rules Here in our inaugural post. Join up for more, and good luck hunting bugs and spreading freedom.

Want to drop over to our Discord or Facebook Community please drop in and show us your minis!

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