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Muster the Crew: Mike R's Buldahr!

Mike is our lead artist and sculptor, responsible for almost all of the artwork in the book and every single miniature Grimskald has made so far.

He's a pretty busy guy but still found time to paint up a Buldahr crew!

Mike: I just wanted to lean into the Celtic vibe, which is why I "attempted" to do bronze weapons and shields. I also wanted to bring in some of that vibrant tartan look that the Celts bring to the table.

I don't think i executed it terrible well, they just look a bit too uncohesive and well, orange. If i could do it again I would use a more limited palette, maybe stick to 2 or 3 beard colours and I would paint the weapons in a colour that contrasts with the orange of the body's and beards.

All in all, they are what they are and I do think one or two of them turned out quite nicely.

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