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Muster the Crew: Dave G's Copperbrows

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

These Dwarves were prototypes painted very early in development, before Clans Buldahr or Ironthane even existed as models. Some of these Dwarves have changed a bit since these photos were taken, both in pose and in scale, most notably in base shape!

For me, these models were a perfect opportunity to try non-metallic metal in different tones and also to play with different textures and skin tones. The Greyshield is a particular favourite, with the fur cloak, incredibly detailed clasp and big, odd-shaped areas of metal to experiment on. That, and his glorious facial hair.

My Knight of the Crown built himself a brutal and well deserved reputation during playtesting. With full plate and a shield, he was a difficult target to shift and with an axe, only needed to sneak a hit through to do at least two Wounds minimum.

Throughout the warband, I returned to the same handful of colours to keep some consistency, using the yellow and white clothes to keep them unified while expanding the palette with each Dwarf to give them personal flavour.

In all, I'm quite proud of these guys. They gave me an opportunity to push my own painting just that little bit further out of my comfort zone and now live quite proudly in my display cabinet. There, they shall stay, as they were printed with a very brittle resin and don't hold up to handling very well.

Stay tuned though. Their upgraded replacements are on my desk and will be seeing some brush time shortly.

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