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Press Release: Torch & Shield coming to Kickstarter!

Launching Soon!

This October 10th Grimskald Games will be launching Torch & Shield, through the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.

Torch & Shield is a Dwarf themed tactical skirmish game set in the ruins of the Dwarf empire. The game is primarily a competitive game pitting two dwarf delving crews against each other in a tile based dungeon setting. However, the game will also feature co-op and solo modes, so there is something here for every type of gamer.

The Gameplay

In Torch & Shield, players assemble a crew from one of the 3 starting factions, making sure to choose equipment carefully, because many dangers litter the underworld, from other dwarf factions to monsters, traps and even the dark its self.

Torch & Shield is a miniature agnostic game, though we do offer our own range of Dwarves and dungeon options. Players can use any existing miniatures and dungeon tiles, that they currently own, to play the game.

Ironthane warriors ready for a scrap.

The rules provides a range of missions and dungeon layouts for players to choose from and even includes a campaign system for linking games together. As well as other interesting features, such as our AI controlled monster mechanic and a brutal light mechanic that will have you loading up with torches before every game.

An example of one of the many dungeons you can make with our Dungeon tile system.

Torch & Shield gameplay uses a hybrid card and dice system. All you need is a standard deck of cards and handful of D6.

Seamless and tactical, Torch & Shield uses cards to determine initiative and dictate actions. Give priority to the warriors of your choosing by assigning them high value cards, or wait with a low card for the perfect counterattack.

Once a card has been assigned, suits will determine what special actions your warrior can make. Invoke your Dwarven fury as your warrior charges into combat, or advance slowly, setting your warriors on overwatch as the enemy crew approaches. Then at the right moment, open fire with firelock and crossbow.

Once initiative and actions are completed dice are then used to determine contests and resolve actions, using a simple success base mechanic.

A selection of the miniatures available in the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter

The Kickstarter will provide a mix of physical and digital options with hardback or PDF rulebooks, Plastic or STL miniatures, plastic dungeon tile sets (limited availability) and of course the ability to print your own dungeon with an STL package.

Plastic dungeon sets will be available.


Torch & Shield is being developed by Grimskald games and fulfillment of the Kickstarter is being handled by Aetherworks & Games Quest.

Grimskald is a small Western Australian based company, we have a life long passion for miniature gaming and have been working to bring Torch & Shield to life for the last two years. Kickstarter is a platform that we have some experience with, having recently had two successful crowd funded projects, Mighty Heroes and Dark Ritual Forest.

Please send all queries to and click on the link below to subscribe to be notified about the Kickstarter or to check it out when it launches:

Feel free to use the link below for access to Torch & Shield related assets for your content needs:

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