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Grimskald Painting Competition

What a great way to kick off our blog!

As a new company, we are keen to get our name out there into the gamerverse, and while we were brainstorming we came up with the idea of a painting competition.

We were already attending Cancon (Australia's largest gaming convention) and decided that we could give away free miniatures for our upcoming game Torch & Shield. We produced the Dohtriz - one of the rare warrior-daughters of the Dwarven people - as our chosen miniature for the comp, and spent days printing hundreds of them to hand out at the event.

All of our subscribers got the free STL too, so this mini is in a lot of peoples hands! The Dohtriz is a special model that any crew can hire in Torch & Shield, so we look forward to seeing them used on the table in future.

Get on with telling us about the competition!

Okay so we had 3 random winners, but we also had two judged winners - assessed by the Torch & Shield inner circle of playtesters. The prizes are outlined below:

Winner Best entry

1 x Vallejo Game Colour 2.0 Plastic Case 72 Colours *

Runner up

1 x Vallejo Game Colour Fantasy Dragons Acrylic Paint Set *

Random Prize Winners

1 x Vallejo Model Colour Fire Fury Acrylic 6 Colour Paint Set *

1 x Vallejo Game Colour Special Effects Special Set Acrylic Paint *

1 x Vallejo Model Colour Faces Acrylic Paint Set *

*Prize(s) are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

So now the Winners!

Best Entry - Rhys Haggart

Most of our entrants took the opportunity to try out some object source lighting, but Rhys' use of OSL combined with non-metallic metals blew us away.

The warm glow of the torch paired against the otherwise fairly cool colours on the armour, Krell and tabard made for a visually striking scheme with plenty of areas of interest and his execution of the technical parts of this piece was top notch.

Every element of this was worked to a high standard and he should be very proud of the finished result.

Rhys hard work with this outstanding piece of miniature art will see him take home the big prize.

We will also include this model in our Torch & Shield Campaign Book gallery - The Vaults of Zarn!

Thanks Rhys, we will be in touch soon.

Runner Up - Connor Rolfe

The runner up was harder to select than the winner, but Connor's Dohtriz won us over. This mini screams Torch & Shield and leans into the theme hard.

We love the way Connor has used light and darkness here. This model really feels like it is within the bowels of the earth, and makes us dream of a whole Dwarf delving crew painted up in this style.

Connor's mini will also feature in our publication of Torch & Shield.

Random Winners!

I pulled out my trusty D100's for this process...

  1. Arthur D (13 yrs old - well done Arthur)

  2. Carl Dobson

  3. Nick Fletcher

Congrats all, we will be in touch soon to deliver your prizes!

Special mentions

We had some great entries, and it is worth showing off some of our favourites that didn't win this time:

Great job everyone. Its humbling for us (and fascinating) to see how other hobbyists apply their creativity to our minis.

So that's it for now. We want to thank everyone that entered the competition, and we wish we could give everyone a prize.

If you are one of the named winners, keep an eye on you inbox as we will reach out to you soon!

If you want to hear about Grimskald News such as upcoming competitions like this, or other projects, hit the Sign Up button at the top of this page to follow the blog.

Until next time

- J

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1 Comment

Mar 19, 2023

Awesome competition... Look forward to the next one. 😎

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